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Double-K specializes in researching the potential of wind power as a natural, readily available energy source. Our expertise is focused on early stages of wind farm development, and green field projects. We offer complete wind resource assessment as very crucial and significant element of wind farm design process. Currently Double-K products and services are available on global market. We support Projects with a total target capacity exceeding 2,5 GW. Our expertise is focused on site verification in terms of wind potential.We offer a full range of services and products related to the implementation of wind measurement, the configuration of measurement systems, and data analysis. In particular sale, and installation of MET masts with a height of up to 120m, along with full support during the process of wind resource assessment.

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Double-k Towers offers wind resource assessment and full range of services from measurement system installation through data analysis in all European countries and United States.

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Experience, Safety, high insurance coverage limits.
Hundreds of tilt up towers installed world-wide.

Eco friendly installation approach, no heavy equipment, no concrete foundation. Farm or pasture land is back to normal use immediately after installation with very minimum signs of construction.

Aluminum long lasting design, low maintenance cost